First cliff

I arrived in Vila do Bispo after having driven the better part of 5 days and, knowing I could not go any farther south, it was time to accept the cold and windy faith of European March-weather.

After restocking provisions at the local supermarket I headed towards the closest beach around, Praia da Cordoama.

I took my time navigating a narrow, meandering descent down the steep cliffs that border the coastline of the Algarve until I reached the end of the road, an almost empty parking lot and a closed bar da praia (‘beach bar’).

 Spot the van. Her name is Brenda btw, courtesy of my sister.

Spot the van. Her name is Brenda btw, courtesy of my sister.

Hardly anyone around, save a few vans and the odd tourist couple who, upon arriving, immediately u-turned their way back. I can’t blame them. The gale force winds and powerful, choppy waves swiftly erased any notion of a pleasant, warm afternoon at the beach.

 Closed for winter.

Closed for winter.

I didn’t care though. I saw ocean. I saw cliffs. And I felt a sense of solitude and a welcome rebalancing of the scales of urban vs nature.

And having been seated behind the wheel for so long these past few days, I paid little attention to the brewing storm and sprinted up the first cliff in sight, managing to take some photos along the way and surprisingly, not dropping my camera.

It was cold and windy and I had zero reception, not even GPS.

I hadn’t felt this much at ease in a long time.


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