Beach Bound.

Sometime in August I dropped my parents off at the beach on the best day of the year so far. While they took their place amongst friends for an evening picknick-of-sorts, I dropped off my bag for a swim and headed towards the cold North Sea waters. 

Afterwards, I took my bag, said goodbye and sauntered off, with the idea of taking a long walk and test out my new Sony RX100 IV. Unmatched quality for a hyper-portable device, it produced some pleasant pictures, with minimal editing necessary.


You can rent these for €420/week. Comes with everything, including WIFI. Houses 3/4. Not a bad deal at all, but it gets crowded during the day. Love the concept, but waking up to 100 screaming children. Nah, thanks.

That gradient tho.

Accidental selfie.