Vans of Morocco

Ever since the first inkling of buying a van popped up in my thoughts I have developed a vanphilia of sorts. Point me a cargo van in the far distance and I can immediately tell you the brand and model. That's why my recent trip to Morocco turned into a pleasant surprise, because as I sauntered my way across Taghazout and nearby villages I ran across a variety of cool vans, both familiar and unfamiliar. Rejoice!

Old Ford Transits are very popular in Morocco. Which is surprising, as I hadn't seen a single one here in Europe. I came across so many it reminded me of the Land Rovers in the Cameron Highlands (Malaysia). Really a great model to build out into a camper. 

Some old Sovjet (?) construction truck.

Renault 4. A pleasant remnant of French colonization.

Another Ford Transit. Rad.

Really needs no introduction.

Spotted this while surfing. A former German mobile library, converted into a mobile villa, satellite on top and all. Must be a bitch to do a U-turn with, but very spacious.