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I'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer living in the Netherlands. Sometimes I travel as well.

After graduating and spending a few years as an adman and copywriter, I picked up my first camera about two years ago.

Ever since, I have found my vocation in showcasing people's good sides. There's really nothing in this world that I like to do more than documenting interesting people, projects and brands.

Storytelling is at the heart of all my work, I'm always trying to convey the underlying contextual narrative beneath the imagery; the soul of the person, the why of the project.


+31 6 51914953

Where in the world am I?

I'm currently splitting my time between Delft and Amsterdam and will remain there for the foreseeable future, but I'm available worldwide.

Upcoming Travel

November - Berlin

Japan, Australia and the US (specifically Colorado, California and the PNW) are high on my list of places to visit. Fly me out there, pretty please.


P.S. The font I used for the logo is made by Marcelo Reis Melo.