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Be well and be kind,

Tommy van Rheeden.

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I'm a photographer and a storyteller with a focus on portraiture, lifestyle and travel photography.

That's the professional oneliner. In reality, I'm just a human being moving through the world, following my own curiosities and trying to document them in an interesting way. 

I believe everyone and everything has a story to tell and I'm here to help them do so. 

I'm not about that #instagramlife, instead I really enjoy helping direct the spotlight towards projects, brands and people that are doing something positive, unique, cool and/or unique.

I have a history in business and marketing and have slowly been transitioning towards photography over the past few years. 


As of right now, I don't have a home base. However, I'm looking to relocate to either Berlin, Amsterdam or Barcelona sometime this fall/winter.

At current, my time is divided between traveling to cities all around the world and roaming around Europe with my campervan (Brenda), looking for remote places and longboard-friendly waves.


Lisbon (February - March)
The Netherlands, Germany (April)
Road trip through Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary (May-June)
The Netherlands (Jun-Aug)
Road trip through Ireland, Norway, Sweden (September)
Berlin or Japan? (October)

Japan, Australia and the US (specifically Colorado, California and the PNW) are also high on my list of places to visit. Fly me out there, pretty please.

P.S. The font I used for the logo is made by Marcelo Reis Melo.