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I'm a portrait photographer intent on capturing people in their element. After graduating and spending a few years as an adman and copywriter, I picked up my first camera about two years ago. Ever since, I have found my vocation in showcasing people's good sides.

With my work I'm always shooting for the evocative, the spontaneous, the authentic; the soul of the person, the why of the project.

I mostly work with natural light and I prefer to use the environment as my studio. I like to flow with the unpredictability of an ever-changing environment and the happy accidents it brings with it. It's less about the perfect technical shot and more about imperfectly capturing the perfect moment.

I live and work in Amsterdam. I've got my eyes on Berlin, Melbourne and Tokyo. Fly me out there, pretty please.

Be well and be kind,


I like meeting people over coffee. Are you on the fence about sending me a message? Just say hi! I have yet to dislike someone that's bought me coffee ;-)

I also own a self-build camper van, with which I occasionally travel Europe from time to time.



+31 6 51914953

Upcoming Travel

October and November
- Berlin (sporadically)


P.S. The font I used for the logo is made by Marcelo Reis Melo.