Immersed - Contact


Something on your mind? Let me know! This is a one-man show and as such I'm very open for feedback, questions and suggestions.

For people that 'know someone for the project': Show them the site and send their contacts my way! I'm looking for a wide variety of arts and crafts. Not sure if they'd be right for the project? The criteria can be found here.

For crafts(wo)men: Want to be part of the project? Don't be shy, I'll make you look great. Send me an email and we'll take it from there! 

For publications: I have quite a bit of unpublished material available (both stories and photos). Are you looking to create an original article about the project? Get in touch with me. 

For companies: Do you want to support the artists and artisans in this project, this project, or the creative community of crafters in general? Feel free to send me your ideas.