Do take note of the unruly grey eyebrow hair.

Do take note of the unruly grey eyebrow hair.


"Tommy is the guy I turn to when I need some outside perspective on a top-level business issue. He has a highly effective way of untangling complex situations and providing me with specific solutions to move forward. He doesn't ramble aimlessly, he tells me to try X, Y and Z, and to go from there. That's super valuable."

- Jesse Hanley, CEO of Backpack Internet.

"Tommy was essential in helping us reach our Kickstarter goal. Right from the start he offered us suggestions to improve our sales copy and brand messaging. These proved invaluable, but it wasn't even what we hired him for. Which was Facebook advertising, where he very quickly created a profitable advertising campaign, which helped us reach our Kickstarter goal!"

- Hakim Sugito, founder of Soheresone.

"Tom's attention to detail, strategic thinking abilities, copywriting chops and his knowledge of the Facebook advertising platform are truly world class. Besides that, he is a great communicator and very enjoyable to work with. For anyone looking for a consultant who truly understands what he's doing, he comes highly recommended." 

- Jason Malone, CEO of We Outreach

"Tommy is a true gem. He's quite possible the most creative copywriter I've ever worked with. He can craft a story like no other. And he's an elite performance marketer to boot. If you ever have the opportunity to work with him, don't hesitate."

- Teddy Truong, Truong Creatives, LLC.

"Tom is a great communicator. It's very pleasant to work with someone who communicates so fast and thorough." 

- Dan Comerchero, The Pro Audio Files.

Educational Background

  • Communication Sciences, BSc (University of Amsterdam), 2013.
  • Business Studies, MSc, c.l. (Amsterdam Business School), 2015.

Copywriter / FB Advertiser / Strategist

The world revolves around stories. Relationships, religion, brands... they're all just stories we tell ourselves.

I've made it my skillset to understand them, craft them, and apply them to businesses.

Because what I think businesses often need most of all is a better story. Your story is the heart of your brand. Everything revolves around it and everything is judged through its prism. 

So labeling myself as just a copywriter, advertiser, or even a marketer doesn't really encompass what it is that I do, even though I do them all really well. But they're all part of a broader skillset: that of a master storyteller.

And in that capacity I can help you craft the story around your brand, business or product. And, when necessary, I'll show you how to get profitable exposure through (social) advertising.

In practice, sometimes this means I just write the copy. Sometimes it means an overhaul of your brand identity. And sometimes this means I conclude that the story is already there and we can immediately start sharing it with the world through profitable (social) advertising campaigns.

Do you want to get your story right?
Or do you want to scale your FB advertising?

If the answer to any of the questions above is yes, click below to schedule a call with me. 

Professional Accomplishments
(a.k.a. the Brag Reel)


  • Facebook Advertising, +1200% ROI: 
    I created a +1200% ROI Facebook Advertising Funnel for a suite of baby care products. The total campaign spend was $51.365.50 with a revenue of $645.322 (the proof is in the screenshot below).

Last I heard, this campaign has been left untouched and is still profitable.

  • Teespring, From Zero to a Million in 6 Months: 
    With my former business partners I launched a Teespring project in 2015-2016. We generated over $1m in gross revenue in around 6 months time, with an estimated ROI of around 50%. I was in charge of project and team management, recruitment, apparel design and advertising. All sales came through a combination of direct marketing and social advertising on Facebook.
  • Email listbuilding: Devised a scalable sub-$0.20 email opt-in PPC campaign for a large retail company with an AOV of over $150.
  • - From zero to top 800 most visited site in the US in 2 months:
    Played a formative part and spearheaded content strategy for an experimental media site project that went from 0 to +2mm in monthly uniques visitors in a few months, reaching the top 800 of most visited sites in the U.S., and grossed six-figures monthly (Ask me about this, it's an interesting story).

Partial Client List

Amplifr (link)
TRNDLabs (link) (link)
Soheresone (link)
Bento (link)
Tjommie Foundation (link)
The Pro Audio Files (link)
JJM Advertising
We Outreach (link)
Backpack Internet (link)
Sandler Australia (link)
Quiztones (link)
Elderberry Bryant
Truong Creatives
Spectra Baby Australia (link)
Pumpables (link)
Idkmen (link)